Destin Florida ocean ash scattering

Destin is located on Florida’s Emerald Coast, which gets its name from its beautiful, clear green water where we specialize in ocean ash scatterings. Millions have lived and loved on the white sandy beaches creating a bond with this area which transcends ones lifespan. This is why we have made the Destin and Fort Walton Florida area our sister port. We spend our days scattering ashes into the ocean making your loved one forever a part of this beautiful paradise.

Destin Florida Ocean Ash Scattering

Scatter ashes in comfort

With our family attended burial at sea service, the entire ship is reserved for your group only. Your family and friends will depart from our dock in Destin and cruise 3 miles offshore. The vessel glides through the water at about 10 miles per hour and often encounters dolphins and other marine wildlife. Along the way you’ll see the beauty of Destin as you celebrate your loved ones life. Once your vessel reaches the destination, the Captain will note the ship's coordinates and the scattering of the cremated remains can be performed.

Destin Private Ash Scattering

Your Destin ash scattering is a private cruise for up to six passengers. A cooler with ice is provided for you to bring drinks and snacks of your choice. Ocean Ashes will file all EPA paperwork and our beautiful certificate will be mailed to you after the ceremony. All Destin scatterings depart at 2 PM. Please call to confirm your date prior to purchase.

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groups up to 6 passengers

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