Scatter your loved ones ashes in the florida keys

  The Florida Keys are a 125-mile-long chain of islands that have captured the spirit of America. Millions have great memories they made in this beautiful place. Family vacations watching the children play in the ocean, marriages, honeymoons and friendships that last a lifetime are among the reasons so many wish to return their ashes to these pristine waters. Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine the Lower Keys, and Key West are tourists most popular destinations and why we selected Islamorada as our headquarters in the Keys.


Relax and enjoy this special day

With our family attended burial at sea service, the entire ship is reserved for your group only. Your family and friends will depart from our dock in Islamorada and cruise 3 miles offshore. The vessel glides through the water at about 10 miles per hour and often encounters dolphins and other marine wildlife. Along the way you’ll see the beauty of the Florida Keys as you celebrate your loved ones life. Once your vessel reaches the destination, the Captain will note the ship's coordinates and the scattering of the cremated remains can be performed.

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