Ocean Ash Scattering

 Cremation is about to overtake traditional burials for the first time ever in America.

  • By the year 2020 roughly 54% of Americans will be cremated. This trend is expected to increase well into the future.

  • Unlike a traditional burial the cremation is really just the beginning of the body's journey after death.

  • We're going to explore how and why the earths oceans offer the best choice for families wishing to honor their loved ones.

  • Other countries around the world are also showing a drastic rise. China is leading the way.

  • As shown here the cremation rate in Texas is expected to increase to above 50% Austin, Texas cremation report

Scattering Certificate from Ocean Ashes.

Scattering Certificate from Ocean Ashes.


  After a cremation families are presented with many choices...

  • some of which they may never have thought of until they're faced with the responsibility of how the cremains will be dealt with. This decision can and should be thought through very carefully.

  • While many of the traditional choices for the cremains still remain popular, such as a urn kept in the house or placed in a funeral plot or mausoleum, Including an ocean scattering as a part of every plan should be given great consideration.

 Throughout human history the ocean has been a part of our ceremonies and rituals...


  • There is a strong bond between humans and the ocean, to this day we still incorporate the ocean into many of our traditions and vacations. New beginnings are most often linked to these events. Countless civilizations have used the ocean for baptisms and wedding ceremonies.

  • scattering ashes in the ocean is not the end of ones time but a new beginning. All of our life giving elements that we carried with us are released into earths most powerful and dynamic force, the ocean currents.

  • within months new life springs from the ocean and countless plants and animals will forever carry a part of us with them. Before long a tiny trace of our body will travel the globe and forever be reclaimed by earths ecosystems.

 Today's modern families are also very mobile...

  • The times where many generations would live and die in the same town are over. Most have loved ones living all over the country if not the world. This is why the ocean can provide a lasting place to remember regardless of where one is located, most people live or visit oceans on vacation making remembering easy.

  • The good news is that it only takes a fraction of the ashes that are left to perform a quality ocean scattering. Leaving enough ashes for the family to place some at a traditional family plot and create some beautiful jewelry from the ashes.

Companies like Ocean Ashes Inc. specialize in offering a beautiful, dignified service at a reasonable price.  It truly is a gift of a new beginning.

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