Ocean Ash Scattering

What to do with Cremains?

 The time immediately following a death and cremation is often a hard period to decide what to do with a loved ones ashes.

  • The recent memory and grief that follows a death makes it difficult to even contemplate what to do with the ashes.
  • In my experience most families make this decision together and usually not for months if not years.
  • time flies by and the ashes can find a permanent spot on a shelf or closet. There are many pitfalls that can be avoided by making a plan for the cremains and following through with them is imperative.

  While it can be comforting to hold onto the ashes, as time passes it becomes more important to commit the ashes to a cause.

  1. The main reason is that once the immediate family of the deceased dies off or becomes unable to respectfully place the ashes in a permanent spot, future generations will not place the same importance on them.
  2. Grandchildren and sometimes complete strangers, after time become the benefactor of passed generations. These people with weaker ties to the deceased often struggle to find a meaningful home for the ashes.
  3.  I’ve seen many examples in my career where family inherited ashes of great uncles and great grandparents. Often these people had no idea or emotional connection to the deceased.
  4. Stories of dumping the ashes in local parks or a nearby creek are quite common as these ashes are disposed of out of convenience. It is not that people are trying to be disrespectful, it’s just that they had no emotional tie or real feel for what someone they didn’t know would want done with their ashes.

These are the main reasons why the people closest to the deceased should honor their life by making absolutely sure their ashes are taken care of with dignity and respect. And of course you can always keep some at home with you but it is wise to use the majority in different ways.

  I believe that a part of everyone should return to the ocean currents.

  • There is no greater force on earth that can truly take ones ashes around the world.
  • With an ocean ash scattering ones scattered ashes are incorporated into the ecosystem and countless plant and animal life.
  • I tell my clients that the sun never sets on their loved ones after the ocean spreads the ashes across the globe. My company Ocean Ashes performs ash scattering ceremonies off Florida’s gulf coast and I strongly suggest starting your plan with an ocean scattering.
  • My clients favorite item is the beautiful certificate we create.


 One of the great things about cremation is that there are so many options for using the ashes.

  • Some of my other favorites are cremation jewelry, it’s beautiful and can be passed on as family heirlooms.
  • There are also artists that will create vases, mirrors, lamps and even paintings using the ashes.
  • And many people choose a company that will create a teddy bear or pillow with some ashes inside them.

 So I hope you’re ready to take action and start putting the ashes to great use. You’ll feel great knowing that you’ve done your part in honoring your loved one and really get some great items that will always help you remember.

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