Ocean Ash Scattering

The Tradition of Cremation and Ocean Ash Scattering

  • Cremation acts as an alternative to normal burial. The body is turned into ashes, which are usually disposed into the river or an ocean, or a place where they can be carried around the world.
  • This is a centuries old human tradition, which dates back to 20,000 years or more and it is practiced all over the world.
  • There are many different ways of disposing the ashes, but the most common method is scattering ashes into the ocean.
  • If you don’t know much about cremation, let me tell you that there are many different reasons that make cremation better than a traditional burial. Below, we discuss a few reasons to choose cremation.

Top 5 Reasons that People Choose Cremation:

5.       Cost: Although in such events, nobody really cares much about the cost, but still we have to admit that this is one of many advantages of cremation.

  • Generally, it costs 3-4 times less, as compared to the normal form of burial because it excludes costs such as make-up, a viewing, embalming, and even a casket at a burial vault. 
  • I found a great burial cost calculator that really sheds light on just how expensive services can get, Burial Calculator .Since it’s an impersonal benefit, we have placed it at number 5.
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4.       Flexibility: It’s easier to carry your loved one from one place to another.

  • This is very useful if you live far away (assuming another city or country) and are required to return back to another city / country. As you may know, funerals require a lot of planning, but you don’t have to worry if the scattering event is decided for a later date, because you can hold the remains indefinitely.
  • For a greater detail of just how difficult it can be to travel with a non cremated loved one you can find the full details from the U.S. department of state here.

3.       General Space: As green space disappears there are challenges finding traditional burial plots especially in urban areas.

  • The BBC recently published a great article detailing just how some countries are running out of space and I'll link to it here. bbc.com .
  • Wouldn’t it be better to be cremated and plant a tree (with the dead one’s ashes) on that same area or scattering the ashes to the ocean and make them live forever in the planet’s ecosystem?

2.       Less Traditional, More personal: Cremation is very different from a burial, not only for how it is performed, but because you can scatter the ashes according to the preference of your loved ones.

  • Let’s say he/she enjoyed swimming, relaxing beside the beach, or any similar connection with water. In this case, you can scatter his ashes into the ocean, so he goes to the place where he enjoyed the most.  This makes death much less about loss and more about celebrating their life.

Bringing peace and closure to a family:

  • This is the biggest reason why so many people prefer cremation instead of burial. It’s sad, but actually the dead are kind of forgotten after a certain period of time.
  • This time range differs from person to person and usually takes few months to years before you don’t feel so much absence in your life. It’s nothing bad, but that’s how the life works. Sure, you miss them from time to time, but it’s nothing like before. If you want them to be with you

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