Ocean Ash Scattering

Green Burial Practices Are Here To Stay....

  • environmentally-friendly burial options are becoming ever more popular as the public becomes more and more concerned for the planet and it's well being.

  • There are a myriad of companies and services that promote green burials and funerals. And it can be confusing and almost impossible to discern what actually is and isn't a green choice.

  • Whenever there is a new demand for a service people will always try to stand out by re-naming old services or invent new unconventional ones. Lets try to filter out the noise and make it simpler for anyone interested in a green burial.

Ocean Ashes Works With Organizations That Are Paving The Way...

  • The Green Burial Council (GBC) and the National Home Funeral Alliance (NHFA) have both made attempts to standardize the meaning and terms. But the basic principles are pretty standard across the industry.

  • They stress "A burial system that allows the body or cremains interment in the ground or sea in a manner that does not inhibit decomposition.

  • The essential aspects of green burial are the absence of a (cement or metal) grave liner or vault, non-toxic preparation of the body (no embalming), and use of containers made of organic(bio-degradable) materials. You can also check Glossary of Green Burial Terms, for the latest updates and industry standards.

Ocean Ash Scattering Offer Families A Perfect Green Burial Solution...

  • Taking all the criteria for Eco friendly burials into account I feel that anyone looking into this option should strongly consider a cremation followed by a ocean ash scattering.

  • This meets all the standards of a green burial and also eliminates the need for expensive cemetary plots and maintenance.

  • The ocean currents are the only force that can spread your remains not only over endless miles of ocean but literally the whole world.

  • The building blocks of life in the ashes will spread through the worlds oceans and become part of countless new plant and animal life. No other ceremony available can make such claim.

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 So now that you have all the facts I hope you're ready to consider Ocean Ashes as your provider for ash scattering. My goal is to make the process simple and easy to give peace of mind. No matter where you live there is an affordable option at your disposal.